Indoor Station


Smart Transmission Mode (STM)

The "Smart transmission mode" is used for video and audio transmission by default. This transmission mode has been specially developed by us for WiFi / 3G / 4G and also ensures a zero-configuration startup. Alternatively, you can use SIP for video and audio transmission.

We as the creator of the Indoor Station App have invested many years of field-testing and development to find the best way to work with both audio and video via WiFi and mobile networks for real-time communication. The result is our "Smart transmission mode" (STM), which is part of the Indoor Station software module for the AXIS A8004-VE and AXIS A8105-E, our Cloud for remote-access and the Indoor Station Apps. It consists of our own audio and video codec, various protocols such as TCP/UDP and intelligent packaging and transport algorithms which act dynamic and self-learning, matching to the current network conditions.

Another big advantage of STM is that it works via 3G and 4G mobile networks. In the vast majority of cases (more than 95%) the mobile phone network providers block SIP in their networks, to protect their business model (classic phone calls versus SIP data calls). Some mobile phone network providers allow SIP depending on the SIM-card contract, but indeed it is not working properly.